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Fish Finder Fast Play

Fast Play is a quick and easy instant play style game generated through the lottery terminal. It’s similar to an instant game without the scratching, so you find out instantly if you’ve won a prize. New games are added every few months, so ask your local retailer for the latest Fast Play game.

Price Per Play:

Prize Range:
$2 - $100

Top Prize Odds of Winning:
1 in 1,600

How to Play:

Mark the spots on the Fish Grid that match Your Coordinates (letter-number combinations). Match all the grid spots on one of the objects, win prize indicated.

Symbols: The following symbols will be used and must fit fully within the number of grid spaces. Bobber- One (1) grid space; Crappie- Two (2) grid spaces; Trout- Three (3) grid spaces; Bass- Four (4) grid spaces; Catfish- Five (5) grid spaces.

Fast Play games are eligible for Points for Prizes®.
Look for the ticket code. ENTER TICKET CODE

Points for Prizes® code must be entered within 180 days of the purchase date.
Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the purchase date.

Fish Finder Fast Play

Prize Odds of Winning
$2 1 in 6.40
$5 1 in 28.24
$10 1 in 131.87
$50 1 in 960
$100 1 in 1,600
Overall 1 in 4.98