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Retailer Spotlight - Tobacco Corner Plus Morrilton 

Retailer Implements 5-Buck Bundle to Maximize Lottery Sales 

Tobacco Corner Plus Morrilton, located at 319 E. Broadway, knows that special promotions such as the 5-Buck Bundle offer the perfect opportunity to increase customer engagement and revenue. Rhonda Bryant, district manager, says the store’s staff continuously does a great job suggesting and upselling the 5-Buck Bundle to customers.

“Our customers love the Bundle, which is an easy sell. It offers more convenience to our customers and better odds of winning at a discounted price.” 

She believes that informing customers that this promotion is back and keeping employees trained in selling the 5-Buck Bundle has helped the store achieve remarkable lottery sales. 

“We ask most of our customers if they would like to purchase the Bundle and question the last time they got something for free,” she smiled. “I also like to wear [lottery] tickets to encourage them to play.

Our staff takes the initiative to understand how the draw games are played so they can educate our customers while remaining attentive to the jackpot amounts.”

Last year, Tobacco Corner Plus Morrilton sold the most 5-Buck Bundles among all Arkansas Scholarship Lottery retailers totaling $1,466 worth of free Natural State Jackpot (NSJ) tickets for its customers. Its partnering location, Tobacco Corner Plus North, at 1512 E. Harding St. in Morrilton, sold 1,218 5-Buck Bundles in 2022. 

“We have a yearly competition amongst our six stores during the 5-Buck Bundle promotion and provide an incentive for the clerk and store that sells the most Bundles. This year, our goal for this location is $2,000 worth of free NSJ tickets for our players!” 

L-R: Rhonda Bryant, district manager; Rhonda Moll, store manager; Damon Torrellas, store clerk. 

The store’s outdoor lottery signage is also visible to attract passing pedestrians and vehicles to increase overall lottery sales.