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Retailer Spotlight - Toad Suck One Stop

Toad Suck One Stop is located within the Toad Suck community at 4462 Highway 60 East in Bigelow. Held annually in May, Toad Suck Daze is a Faulkner County festival that shares the same mission as the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery – funding education initiatives for Arkansas students. 

“We get a lot of travelers, especially during the summer. Many vendors will camp out in the park during the week of Toad Suck,” said Jason Trantina, owner and manager. 

“To attract passing vehicles into the store to buy lottery tickets, we utilize outdoor lottery signage,” he said. 

Trantina says the store has two registers to ensure all lottery players are attended to quickly during peak hours to keep up with lottery traffic. He believes educating customers on how to play lottery games and knowing regular players’ spending habits is crucial.   

“If needed, we take players to the side to answer any questions and help them fill out playslips to avoid holding up the line for other customers,” Trantina added. 

Toad Suck One Stop’s success is measured by the ambition of the store’s team, which has unmistakably been a win for everyone - a win for the store, a win for the lottery, a win for players, and notably, a win for scholarship recipients.

“We’re a small community that really loves the lottery,” he said. “My daughter attends the University of Central Arkansas in Conway and is a scholarship recipient, so it’s important to me to promote our lottery products.” 

Jason Trantina, owner and manager.