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Retailer Spotlight - OM Sales LLC | Bull Shoals
Customer Service One Key to Success for Retailer

OM Sales LLC, located at 702 Central Blvd. in Bull Shoals, ranked 149 in sales out of 1,922 lottery retailers at the end of 2018. Not bad considering the town is primarily a retirement community with a population under 2,000. The success of the convenience store can be attributed to its owner, Tejah Parekh, who understands merchandising and customer service.

He says he feels OM Sales is successful for several reasons.

“We have had four top prize winners in the past several years. They included a $300,000 winner and a $250,000 winner – both off $10 scratch-off tickets – plus a $20,000 winner on a $2 ticket and a $90,000 Natural State Jackpot winner,” Parekh said.

“Secondly, we will cash winning tickets all the way up to $500 – no problem. Other retailers won’t do that. But we take care of our customers. People buy their lottery tickets here because they know we will cash their winning tickets.”

Parekh said he also keeps his 58 lottery bins full.

“Our bins are like a big wall or huge tower,” he said. “When we get new tickets, I make sure $5, $10 and $20 tickets have multiple facings. If someone buys a winning ticket from one book, they will want to purchase that same ticket again but from a different book. We go through a lot of $10 and $20 tickets, and retired folks like $3 tickets – like Bingo – that take a minute to play.”

Parekh said selling lottery products benefits his business because it brings people inside the store.

“It increases foot traffic. And once people get inside the store they are more likely to buy something else,” he said.

The store owner also keeps his customers informed of lottery games and promotions which he feels helps sales.

“I explain promotions like the 5-Buck Bundle to people who may be buying a $1 scratch-off or guide them to lottery literature we have in the store. If they have questions, we are here to answer them.”

Pictured: Tejah Parekh, owner.