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Retailer Spotlight - Neighbors

For Neighbors, 1301 E. 3rd St. in Hope, convenience, friendly service, and speed help drive customer satisfaction among lottery players. 

"We try to provide the best service to all our customers, especially our lottery players," said Lisa Trotter, store manager. "We have two registers allowing customers to purchase from 63 lottery bins — 32 at one register and 31 at the other."

The eye-catching graphics of the instant tickets help stimulate customers to make impulse purchases, while the prominent bin placement creates the perfect opportunity to cross-sell.

Trotter added, "Having lottery bins near the point of sale enables our lottery players to make quick purchase decisions that prevent them from holding up the line for other customers."

The staff at Neighbors creates a lottery-friendly environment for their players by communicating jackpot amounts and winning numbers. 

"Our lottery players are really like our family. I'm originally from California, so many have become my close friends. I love celebrating when they win," Trotter said.

"I love seeing them [lottery players] smile when discovering they're a winner. We offer them a free meal to celebrate, which also promotes customer loyalty. Sometimes we get them a cake if it's a big win." - Lisa Trotter, store manager.

Front Row L-R: Kierra Moore, assistant manager; Lisa Trotter, manager; Rochelle White, cook; and Janet Lollis, cashier.  
Back Row L-R: Natasha Bowers, cashier; and Micheal Johnson, stocker.