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Retailer Spotlight - Gurdon Truckstop 

Known for its variety of dining selections for locals and visitors alike, Gurdon Truckstop sits just off Interstate 30 in Gurdon, making it a very convenient place to recharge, refuel and buy lottery tickets.

“The combination of great food and lottery entertainment makes customers want to spend more time at our store,” said Stephanie Hasley, manager. “Our players love scratching their instant tickets while they wait for their food.”

She added, “The $10 and $20 games are always popular amongst players. They really like the crossword games because they build excitement with the anticipation of discovering how much they have won.” 

The location keeps its lottery dispensers full and encourages players to purchase more lottery products when redeeming winning tickets. 

“Customers won’t buy tickets they can’t see, so I make sure that the lottery bins remain stocked for all shifts,” she said. “We always ask our customers if they would like to buy more tickets with their winnings, which encourages them to make additional purchases in our store,” she said. 

Hasley and her staff also create a fun and lottery-friendly environment for their players, particularly when celebrating lottery winners. 

“Word of mouth entices people to play the lottery, so we utilize winner posters and post on Facebook to inform our customers of our sold winning tickets,” she said. 

“We create a winning atmosphere by saying, ‘Winner winner chicken dinner’ every time we have a winner,” Hasley chuckled.

Jennifer Gibson, cashier; and Stephanie Hasley, manager.