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Retailer Spotlight - I-30 Food Mart & Gas 

Business is always booming at I-30 Food Mart & Gas, located at 22755 Interstate 30- South in Bryant. The store’s prime location provides the perfect one-stop shop for locals and travelers. 

Manager Salman “Sam” Memon encourages employees to maintain a friendly atmosphere by always putting their customers first and implementing lottery best practices in their day-to-day operations.  

“We educate our customers by providing a simple breakdown that helps them to understand how to play lottery games,” he said. “Our conversations are quick, straight to the point, and very effective. We also communicate the game odds and top prizes for each game.”   

With graduation season quickly approaching, one of Memon’s favorite things about being a lottery retailer becomes evident. 

“I love being part of a mission that helps provide scholarships for Arkansas students,” Memon said. “Overall, the lottery is really good for the state.”

Salman “Sam” Memon, manager.