Arkansas Lottery Commission

The purpose of the Department of Finance and Administration Office of the Arkansas Lottery is to oversee the operation of a lottery whose net proceeds will provide scholarships and grants to Arkansas citizens for in-state colleges and universities. Scholarships are to be available for nonprofit, public and private, two- and four-year colleges and universities. Arkansas Code Annotated § 23-115-102.

Under A.C.A. § 23-115-102, the lotteries are to be operated and managed in a manner that:

• Provides continuing entertainment to the public
• Maximizes the revenue generated
• Preserves the integrity and dignity of the process
• Is accountable to the public and the General Assembly through reports and audits

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Staff:

Bishop Woosley, Director
Daryl Backes, Security/Compliance Director
Valerie Basham, Human Resources Director
Jean Block, Chief Legal Counsel
Joanna Bunten, Advertising and Marketing Director
Jerry Fetzer, Chief Fiscal Officer
Timothy Parrish, Treasurer
Patrick Ralston, Director of Public Relations & Legislative Liaison
Mike Smith, Gaming Director
Robert Stebbins, Sales Director
Matt Brown, Internal Auditor